How to find good the best lawyer?

ways to find a good lawyer to represent you in your case these three methods I've been recommending for over 20 years and without exception they've worked well for the people I've given this information to

I hope you find this information just as valuable the first way to find a good lawyer is to ask your family and friends who did they hire to represent them in their legal matter and make sure it's a matter that's like yours because lawyers specialize in different cases

but who did they hire and were they happy with the attorney who they hired did the attorney return their phone calls was the satisfaction level a 10 out of 10 because frankly, you shouldn't have to settle for anything less than that get feedback

from these people about their experiences with a lawyer this also includes people at work managers businessmen executives who own companies who would they recommend you to see as well you know for an attorney based upon

the set of facts you have in your case so that's the first step to finding a good lawyer the second step is to check several online services these are independent companies that go out they serve a different lawyer and judges in the local community in your hometown and them get feedback from these lawyers who these lawyers feel are the best lawyers

and law firms in your area based upon their ability and based upon high ethical standards the first company that comes to mind is Martindale Hubbell the web the address is and do a search in your area for a lawyer using the drop-down list at the website in the know regarding the legal matter the legal case.

that your that you need help in for instance if you're in an automobile accident you want to look for a personal injury or a lawyer if you have a family law matter you want to look for a family law specialist bankruptcy attorney a bankruptcy attorney and so on do a search in Martindale Hubbell for the lawyer in your geographic location and then narrow down that search to lawyers

who is av rated AV rated lawyers in Martindale Hubbell website are those lawyers that have the highest ratings available for both ability expertise and ethics you have one shot to win your case why not make sure you have an AV-rated lawyer representing you

another service you can use is a relatively new service it's called Avow it's WWE do a similar search on Avvo and look for attorneys that have a high rating I would suggest a 9.0 rating or above to a 10.0 rating very similar type of search engine and you can locate an attorney in your town from the apple website for those of you

that are injured because of someone else's wrongful conduct or negligence I would suggest going to the American Association for justice website which is WWE does a similar search we've already talked about and you'll tap into a group of plaintiff attorneys that have exceptional ratings a great deal of experience and

who specialized in helping people who are injured because of someone else's or company's wrongful or negligent conduct you can use all two or three websites with each other if you find a good lawyer on Avvo you can also run his or her name the justice dog website or on

the Martindale comm website okay and try to get a feel for who you're most comfortable with based upon your telephone conversation with these attorneys the third way you can find a good lawyer and it's a little trick I've used and suggested to clients over the years is to contact.

the local bar association of the Bar Association in the city you need legal help in so let's say you live in Chicago contact the Chicago Bar Association and ask them for the names of the last two or three presidents of that association normally attorneys

who are current or past presidents of their bar associations are well respected experienced attorneys that know what they're doing and they know who's good in town and just as important who's not good in town for practicing the law so contact those lawyers and ask if they handle the matter you need help with if they do that might be a good attorney

to sit down and talk with an interview to see if you or he or she has a rapport and to determine whether they'll be able to assist you if it's not if the firm doesn't handle the legal the matter you need help with asking them for the names of two or three referrals contact those attorneys and either over the phone or in-person in the office meet with those lawyers to see whether you're comfortable with the first the impression you

have with those attorneys but also see if it sounds to you after meeting with these attorneys if they have what it takes to represent you so let's summarize the three best ways to find a good lawyer in your city or county number one ask your family and friends ask people at work get positive feedback about the attorney and see if there's anyone that's about you hiring

the lawyer able to successfully assist that person with their legal matter you want to make sure you are specific about the legal case you have because frankly, a criminal defense attorney is not going to be the best lawyer and in most circumstances with helping you in a personal injury matter a bankruptcy an attorney is not going to be the best attorney

to help you with a breach contract case so make sure when you talk to your family and friends you let them know what type of case you have the second way is to go online and do an attorney search with the various databases that are available we're looking at Martindale comm. we're looking at Justice dot-org we're looking at Avow a dot-com and there are some other goods

online databases also so take a look at those you can also run the names you were given by your family and friends through these websites to see how the lawyers are ranked and evaluated independently by their local attorneys and judges in that town the third way contact the State Bar Association or the local Bar Association and ask

for the name of the past two or three presidents and the current president call their offices and see if they can help you with your case or if they have one or more names of attorneys they can refer you to I hope you found this information useful in assisting you

on how to find a good lawyer we have several other videos at our site that are designed to show you what to do once you've found the right lawyer what questions to ask that lawyer when you interview the lawyer okay what qualifications you need

to look at there are seven or eight different things you need to go down on your checklist on when you're meeting with an attorney to make sure you're getting the right attorney to help you with your case it's critically important that you do this because you only have one chance to win your case so you want to make sure you've got the right attorney assisting