Lose weight while sleeping

Lose weight
Lose weight sleeping

The best way to lose weight overnight. 

Friends, this is the measure, your weight will be reduced by overnight. Because the weight of any person's weight would be faster in 2 time. The first is the time to do the workout while the other is at bedtime but before sleeping on the night you have to eat before eating it 2 to 3 hours. And then see, this powder will reduce your weight fast So let's know how to prepare the powder, first take myrrh. Herbal Powder Friends work on our whole body who likes to eat out of junk food or sweeter more than they should definitely consume corrosive powder because Myrrh powder fastens our metaplasty, so that the accumulated fat starts to rise quickly. Make a powder of dried Myrrh or take it easily from the powder market. Take the powder of myrrh and then the next thing that we will take here is friends Fennel Friends are very beneficial to get rid of hunger, those who eat more or they want to eat every time they must eat Fennel because it is It reduces our hunger, which does not increase our weight. First put the Fennel3 spoon in the empty bowl and after that, take 2 spoon cumin on cumin which is completely dry, that is, no matter how many prophets should be in it. Put two teaspoons cumin which is in the Fennel. After this, take curry leaf powder to make curry leaves powder, dry it in the sun and grind it to powder, if you want, you can buy their powder directly from the market. Curry leaf is very beneficial in weight loss by detoxifying the body. Take all these things together and how to prepare this remedy.

Let's know

Firstly warm up the cumin and Fennel fried pan on the pan, for 2 to 3 minutes, learn well. After learning from 2 to 3 minutes, grind them and make powder. Them after a good grind you take 2 teaspoons Harad powder and then take us 1 teaspoon Curry leaf powder and after them will mix good after Mix 2 minutes Our powder was Tayarho. This powder will lose weight fast overnight.

Lose weight
Lose weight 

How to use

The powder that works on weight loss and this powder can take you here in 2 ways.
1) Take this spoon with the help of a spoon to take a spoon from the spoon and eat it. That is, you can eat it like that.
2) If you can not take it in such a way then you can write a glass of water here and put a spoon of powder in it and drink it and drink it, which is to keep your friends warm, i.e. the friend has to use light lukewarm water. It is about half an hour before bedtime and dinner, which is to be done 3 hours earlier. Applying it for 2 consecutive weeks will affect you. You will see that your weight has decreased in the past and your excess fat decreased.
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