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What types of blogs make the most money

What types of blogs make the most money
What types of blogs make the most money

How many types of blogs are there?

What Blogs? What is a blog? Here, I will tell you the main ways, what are the main methods of the blog. Blogs that happen about what things happen. 

So let's know about it. So let's learn that there are so many types of blogging that is, what type of people make blogs here.

Types of Blog Content? There are several types of blogs according to their content and the way it is presented. 

Blogs There are eight main types of blogs. In this category, NICHE comes. There NICHE is many types also inside the.

I will tell you in the name of the blog and also in detail, for the present time today, we will know what types of blogs that are made. 

So let's know about this. So, first of all, there are three things in the blog.

The first is types, which are types of blogs. Secondly, whatever blog is there, what posts have been inserted in which categories. 

That is, from which category does that blog run. Third comes NICHE here if a person does not have much knowledge or they do not have people to write.

So he one of his chooses NICHE and the same NICHE writes about them. Like someone has chosen a mobile, 

someone has chosen a laptop and pen drive NICHE writes an article on. Weit NICHE call.
Types of personal blogs, so let us now know 

what are the types of types? First, what are the types of blogs for students? Arrives Personal blog is that. In which any person writes only about himself, that is, he is a kind of diary.

Whatever things he writes in the diary he writes only about himself. In the same way, inside personal blogs, people write only about themselves. 

What he would do in the day, what stories he read, what he got, what motivation he got and what he saw, 

he wrote all the things inside it. So this is the person the blog that comes after that.

Another Collaborative Blob or group blog can be called a group of blogs. Or group blogs can be called. What happens inside it, 

there are two or three people inside it. And the one who is here, after making a post, he comes to talk further.

Third. Number What is microblogging here. Inside it, there is a Tutorial about any kind. Where there is a complete detail written about how to make a website. 

After that how to design codlings. After that, we can make a website. So whatever kind of information is there, it is microblogging.

Fourth. After that, corporate blogs mean that you must have seen those who are companies or who are businessmen. 

Whenever he posts information related to his business, he gives it to his website. So that is a corporate blog.

Gather writing information about any company, eg, suppose someone is giving information about Google company. 

Someone is giving information about Apple. Someone who is writing information about the Microsoft company. This is called a corporate blog.

Types of personal blogs

Fifth. The aggregated blog is written about research on what happens inside it and talking about it within and after it.

Six. There Genre blog is a little entertainment blog inside what happens inside the. And this is what is located on any one subject. 

That is, it happens on one of the topics like the mouse is about music, or the song here is about lyrics. The one who runs a topic, we call it Genre blog.

Seven Let's talk further after that here vlog blog means. Video Blog Video Blog You must have seen that what is happening on YouTube in today's time. 

That any people who are in their home or whomever they go to visit. Record a full video there from a mobile camera.

And they edit it or upload it to their channel without editing it. If it is a video blog then a similar website can also be created. 

In which you can insert videos instead of writing something. Blog types of videos will be uploaded there.

It can create a type of video collection. Where you do not write any writing, you can upload videos there. So that is a vlog blog.

Friends, here I have 7 Topic blogs here but I told you that comes after that. Here, 

NICH is WhatI first explained to you that NICH has to be talked on top of one category. Like, suppose I said no internet.

Internet is a category and within the category of internet, we have gone that what we will talk about is just above Google what is Google, what is being made, 

what are the products of Google, what are the services of Google, so this is a NICHE It is done that we should talk about such things which we are doing here.

Talk about one of the things about Google that is what people make here and they are making 

too many people because they don't have many people, they make a small website or blog to write and there themselves Let's do the article.

The types of blogs that make the most money, which is now a video blog, it is very much going on in today's time and is very popular. 

It is also on YouTube because everyone likes the video which is the type of entertainment. it happens.

The types of blog writing styles and anything are easily learned from there. Here I told you what are the types of blogs and blogs. 

Is blogging still relevant in 2020? What other things come inside here.  

What is coronavirus?-How to control and prevent

What is coronavirus? Ohan City is the city where this virus originated. According to the New York Times report, At the time of this recording, the coronavirus has caused 250 more deaths and about 11791 confirmed cases have been found. W.H.O.

It has also declared it a global emergency. In this section, you can see that coronavirus has reached many countries by now. I want to clear you one thing, disease control, and prevention. My motive behind this news is not to create panic from anywhere, I will tell you the science of coronavirus attack, which will help you to understand it in deep and on any fake news. 

You will have some fat and figures before Believe. Because this is the time when most people graduate from WhatsApp University. Coronavirus is a family of viruses that affect animal birds and memes. Examples of SARS were also a type of virus that was identified in 2003 and march 12 2020.

This virus also started in the department of public health in China. And centers for disease control about 26 it was spread to different countries and 8000 how more than confirmed were found, you may have to contact them to get into the contact of any virus.

Will the coronavirus spread worldwide?

You have joined hands with an infected person or an infected person has reached coronavirus because of it or someone is present and person to person you have come to shake hands with them and the coronavirus cannot do anything in your hands.

And if you wash your hands properly, then this coronavirus will also be wiped, but if you touch them with infected hands, your nose or mouth and eyes then this coronavirus will enter your body.

There is something like coronavirus and those who are watching projections outside it act as a key. And they have a very important role in this thing that this coronavirus can attack your body. 

Whether or not it reaches inside the body, it comes in contact with coronavirus cells. And if this kiss fits with him. Has entered inside your cell. 

And now it has got complete control of all the functions of all the cells. Like our cells, coronaviruses carry a type of genetic material. It can be anything from DNA, RNA. In the case of Coronavirus, it performs RNA Care. 

And it also has complete information just like our DNA. How to grow or how to replicate yourself and once the coronavirus is entered inside our cells. So it also gets control of the function of all our cells. Normally it is ribosomes.

Which makes the proteins of the differentiating type of DNA instruction different, differentiating functions like making new cells but when the coronavirus reaches inside the cell. This Genetic Material, that is, 

the recording of RNA intrusions starts using our sales county public health, health officials rezone and the Rejozon who was still doing our DM awarding work now starts the recording work of losing Coronavirus. And the RNA in the case of coronavirus. The envelope and capsid start to form, which together make up the coronavirus. 

That is, now our body the cell has become a virus making machine, hence viruses are not called living because they do not have any mechanism to replicate themselves; they need another living organism to replicate themselves. is. Gradually, their number increases in the body and they start doing the same thing with the other-self.
Why isn't there any treatment for the coronavirus?

Due to which the sales start dying. And as soon as the body gets to know about it, it activates our immune spans. Because of which we get to see the symptoms of any disease, in the case of coronavirus, these are few. Irritation, phlegm, fever, the headache may also occur in Sort rot or throat. 

That is why the doctor has to do many tests to find out if these symptoms are a normal cold or due to coronavirus. Our immune system also works in a very complex way like if we talk about fever. So, when the temperature of our body becomes more.

So this is a liquid condition for the coronavirus and there may be some virus, in such a condition, you are unable to do any operation and in this case, you also feel tired. Because the priority of your body is in activating the immune system at this time. 

Not to work today so that most of the energy is sent to your immune system, due to this you feel more tired to do any work, but even after that our immune system takes a long time to detect the virus. Goes. A healthy amino system can also destroy coronavirus. But the problem is with those whose immune system is Weak.

The immune system of older people goes on growing with age. That is why older people are involved in coronavirus deaths. In our body, respiratory illness we carry white sales viruses and buckets. Fluids are produced differently in their response. 

Sometimes the immune system gets so overdrive in response to the ATC, the WBC starts making so much flute, this float starts to lick in your lung, due to which you start having problems inbreeding. 

And all Argon does not get proper oxygen. Due to which the pain in the headache and body also starts and lack of oxygen increases the risk of much more argon damage. 

But sometimes viruses are not the cause of such a death when the immune system and viruses are doing their work at the same time, other organisms such as simple bacteria can also cause many complications in your body.

This can give you a lot more trouble at that time than under a normal condition, by now you have come to understand that if your immune system is strong then it can also fight with coronavirus.

The United States Of the nearly around the world, 12,000 coronavirus-infected people only 260 have lost their lives. That is, this figure is very small in comparison. 

That's why instead of being destitute, pay more attention to your health like using a handkerchief while spitting. After coming from outside, first, wash your hands thoroughly. Before eating anything, wash it thoroughly and try to keep it clean in every way and stop the spread.

It is very important to check and before you get the news that is viral on any other social media. social distancing There is no need to be troubled by any fake news. 

Find out the truth, don't believe it And our aim was to give you information about the control and prevention CDC Coronavirus. I hope you have found help in knowing about the coronavirus. Thank you